The Way of Heroes

Game Night 9/23/11

It is the first day of spring… and the first day of the rest of your lives. Nailo, Valak, and Farunwe find themselves in the small square in the center of their village on Monday, March 1, AC997. They have each undergone the Shearing Ceremony with their families, and as of this morning, are officially on their own. They had wandered from their homes to the village center to discuss what to do next. Fortunately for them, Kryton Balmernov – entrepreneur and friend – arrives in the “nick of time” with an idea about something they could be doing to get started with the rest of their lives. Kryton explains that he has a merchant friend in need of some help. He offers the group a free ride to Threshold and his barn for shelter once in Threshold in return for going to see his merchant friend. So, by nightfall, the group finds themselves in Threshold at Kryton’s home preparing for a night’s sleep in his barn.
The next morning Nailo, Farunwe, and Valak clean the stables in Kryton’s barn and are given a good breakfast. Kryton then takes them to meet Simi…
Simi is a man of medium height and excessive weight. He is bald. His face is round and covered by a well-trimmed beard of black curly hair. He has dark brown eyes that do not miss a thing. He wears brightly colored robes. You have heard that robes like these are worn by people that live in the desert. Though it is obvious he is not originally of Traladaran or Thyatian decent, he speaks Thyatian (Common) as a very educated man. His demeanor is that of an aristocrat as he tends to try and look down his nose at you.
The group makes introductions, and with a bit of “help” from Kryton, negotiates a deal to take care of Simi’s giant ant problem.
The PCs make their way to Simi’s warehouse on Fogor Isle. A walk around the outside of the building reveals a hole that appears to be the entry point for the large pests that are likely inside. In fact, some skittering can be heard near the hole coming from inside the warehouse. Valak decides to try and patch the hole. He finds some discarded pallets and attempts to perform a bit of carpentry. While generally unsuccessful at making any real repairs to the hole in the wall, Valak manages to plug the hole with dirt and pieces of pallet. At the very least, the bugs that are apparently inside will be slowed down for a short time if they try to retreat through the hole.
The group decides to make their entrance into the warehouse through the side door. Using a key given to them by Simi, they unlock the door quietly enter the dimly lit warehouse. After letting their eyes adjust (okay, only Valak had to let his eyes adjust) and taking a bit of time to listen for movement, Nailo decides to try and sneak a little way into the warehouse to find the giant ants. Unfortunately, she is not as sure-footed in the warehouse as she might be out in the woods. One of the large critters detects her and heads straight for her and the rest of the group likely hoping to get a tasty morsel of humanoid flesh. After all, ants are omnivores, and these big ones like humanoid “meat” as part of their diets. And with that the extermination begins.
Overall, 5 giant ants were eliminated. Nailo and Valak more than proved themselves capable combatants against the giant insects, in spite of a few moments of – we’ll just call it nerves. Farunwe provided decent magical support, releasing much needed Magic Missiles as needed. He also verified the magical properties of the ant attractant that was found (the magic pouch). The body of an employee of Simi’s was found. Several useful items were “appropriated” as a result of this find.
The group returns to Simi to report their success and what they found. Simi pays them as agreed and hires them again – this time for much greater pay – to solve the mystery of the source of the note and magical attractant. Also, as part of this new contract, he asks them to proceed to the ruins of the Old Mill and exterminate any more insects they may find there. Simi simply does not want this happening to his business again.

And so we soon begin “Stop Buggin Me: Part 2”…



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